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Air Quality in Hospitals

Medical/Professional Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville, FLMore often than not, the circle of life begins and ends in a hospital. It is a place of absolute joy and utter devastation. Whether being admitted to bring in new life or to try an eleventh-hour treatment, patients and their families expect a clean and sterile environment. While environmental service technicians can clean the surfaces surrounding a patient, they have no control over the air that they breathe.

Hospital And Urgent Care Centers

Many hospitals and urgent care centers have patients that are extremely vulnerable when admitted. They need an environment conducive to the healing process. This includes the very air that they breathe. Unfortunately, air ducts can become very unsanitary. This is especially true in a large building with many rooms and high traffic. Mold, dust, and bacteria can grow or become trapped in the vents. This can be hazardous to the health of the patients.

Staff can also be largely affected, due to the long hours that many spend at their place of work. They can become sick themselves, which puts patients in more harm and reduces the productivity of the entire organization.

Clean Air

Patients and staff assume that the air they are breathing is clean, however air ducts are ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and can be easily overlooked. This allows bacteria to grow and be spread across the hospital, threatening those with already weakening immune systems. So as you can see, making sure that the air ducts in a hospital or any type of medical setting is immensely important.

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